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Top Reasons to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car for Christmas


You’re thinking about putting a new vehicle on your Christmas wishlist. (Congratulations!) Smart move on your part, as the holidays typically open the door for reduced prices on some popular new and used models, such as the Chevy Equinox.

But before you start picturing that picture-perfect car in your driveway, step back and consider the many benefits of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. There’s simply no better Christmas gift to buy your thrifty self then a certified used car – and we’re here to prove it.

Chevrolet Gift

Low Prices Mean LOW Prices

Price: Everything always comes down to price. This is true of used cars as much as it is a carton of eggs; except eggs cost two bucks while a used car may set you back thousands of dollars. So, finding a deal on a reliable pre-owned vehicle is even more advantageous.

The keyword here is “reliable.” Anyone can buy a cheap used car, but finding a decent, dependable used vehicle at a bargain takes more effort. Christmas enables more shoppers to come face-to-face with those affordable certified pre-owned vehicles. In fact, December sees up to 40% more deals and specials on used and CPO vehicles than an average month.

Additionally – and this is no secret by now — end-of-year closeouts, excess inventory, and annual sales quotas make for an interesting shopping holiday at the dealership. Car shoppers venturing into their dealers’ stores can usually get a massive deal on a new vehicle between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and those deals oftentimes extend to vehicles with “certified pre-owned” tags.

New Certified Used Models

October is the most popular month for people to lease, as new models are typically released by the end of summer. Come November, those returned vehicles, now three or four years old, may be eligible to join the used car lot as a certified pre-owned car, truck, SUV, or van. For instance, if a leased Chevrolet Malibu is returned to our Overland Park Chevy dealership, it’s immediately qualified to become a CPO Chevy Malibu should it meet GM’s certified guidelines as outlined below:

  • It must be within 6 model years;
  • It must not exceed 75,000 miles; and
  • It must pass a thorough 172-point inspection.

Most leased Chevy vehicles returned to our dealership near Kansas City are eligible for CPO status—and that comes with a factory-backed warranty and two complimentary auto service appointments (CPO Scheduled Maintenance Program). Pair these new additions with seasonal used car dealership specials, and you’ve got the recipe for a successful purchase.

 Announcing Free Delivery from McCarthy-Morse Chevrolet

Just like Santa, we’re bringing toys to all our customers this Christmas. When you buy any new, used, or certified pre-owned Chevrolet from our Overland Park used car dealership, we’ll deliver it straight to your home. This service is free for all Overland Park customers, as well as customers who live within 100 miles of our Overland Park address*. It’s never been simpler to buy a car online from a real dealership.

If you’d like to learn more about our free Chevy delivery service, contact McCarthy-Morse Chevrolet at 913-649-6000 or contact us online.

*Additional fees apply to deliveries outside of our service area. Please ask your salesperson for more details.


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