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Chevy Features Offer Convenience & Safety For People With Disabilities


Since the Americans with Disabilities Act was born in 1990, much effort has been put forth into giving people with disabilities the same opportunities and rights that everyone else has. Overland Park recently gained recognition for fostering an all-inclusive environment for drivers after being named The Best City for People with Disabilities by WalletHub. Of 182 U.S. cities, ours reigned supreme, and that’s something to celebrate.

Chevrolet knows that finding a vehicle equipped with key capabilities can make life easier for everyone. We’ve compiled a helpful list of features on various Chevy models that showcase Chevrolet’s focus on assisting drivers with disabilities.


  1. Wheelchair Storage

For wheelchair users, finding a vehicle that has enough storage is important. Wheelchairs are increasing in size, which only makes this task harder.

According to GM Fleets, the Suburban and Silverado provide the cargo and towing capacity to accommodate disabled drivers, passengers, and their wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and more. The Chevrolet Express is a full-size van that seats 15 people comfortably and comes available with custom cargo configuration, providing ample storage that makes it a perfect option for mobility and wheelchairs.

  1. Easy Entry and Exit

Getting into and out of a vehicle can be challenging for people with disabilities or handicaps. Vehicles that sit too close to the ground require bending and crouching that may not be physically possible, while vehicles that are too high up require climbing that poses a risk of injuries.

The 2019 Chevrolet Trax sits at a height even Tyrion Lannister would approve of. According to one member of The Mighty, the Trax sits neither too high away from the ground nor too low; it is just right, making getting in and out of the compact SUV less difficult than other comparable crossovers. The Trax can even store items as long as eight feet when the front passenger seat is folded down.

The Chevy Malibu is designed with easy entry in mind, too. The Malibu has buttons on all four exterior door handles that unlock all four doors and the trunk with two presses. No more fumbling with keys!

  1. Power Locks and Windows

From 1995 to 2003, there were more than 54,000 motor vehicle accidents involving the ejection of occupants inside the vehicle. Approximately 15% of those accidents resulted in the vehicles’ occupants being ejected through one of the unlocked doors. As such, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a final ruling in 2009 that all sliding and rear vehicle doors must have a secondary latch component to prevent the doors from opening in the event of a collision. Even when the driver forgets to lock the vehicle before he or she starts driving, the power locks will engage when the vehicle sets into motion, ensuring the secondary latching of all doors.

Not everyone can perform the range of motions required to manually lock their door or open and close their windows. Automatic doors and windows offer convenience and safety to disabled drivers and passengers. Most Chevrolet models, including the Express van, are available with automated locks and windows.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

The standard cruise control feature can benefit some disabled people who employ hand controls to drive. Cruise control allows such drivers to maintain a safe, steady speed without constantly asserting pressure on pedals.

Advancements in technology have given way to innovations like adaptive cruise control, which activates when the car is turned on and uses automated braking to ensure the vehicle remains a safe distance away from vehicles in front of it. The Automotive Association of America found that half of the people that were polled reported a reduction in stress when using adaptive cruise control. And 38% of the drivers polled in the same report believed adaptive cruise control made them safer drivers.

Most new Chevy models are available with adaptive cruise control.

  1. Park Assist

Vehicles with park assist capabilities can make tasks like parallel parking easier and safer for disabled people. The technology allows the car to guide itself into parking spots. Sensors are also employed in Park Assist to alert drivers when they are too close to an object. This prevents the driver from crashing into nearby obstacles while parking their vehicle.

The Malibu and Chevy Volt both are available with Park Assist technology.


Ask McCarthy-Morse Chevy For Assistance

From trucks and SUVs to vans and sedans, Chevrolet provides a diverse selection of vehicles with accessibility and mobility features. Not only do features such as the ones listed above make life easier for people with disabilities, but they also allow disabled people to live more independently.

If you or someone you love are in need of an accommodating vehicle in Kansas City, let us help. Call us at 913-649-6000 or visit McCarthy-Morse Chevrolet in Overland Park at 9201 Metcalf Ave to discuss your needs and browse our selection of new and used Chevy models for sale.

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