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Watch the 10 Best Chevrolet Commercials of All Time


It’s that time of year again—championship college football has just concluded, “The Big Game” is right around the corner, and the newest 2018 car commercials are revving to go. Before you gather up your friends and family for the February football game, take a look at the best Chevrolet commercials and videos from years past. (They’ll be good primer for whatever Chevy releases this year.)

Happy Grad

A poor, foolish grad student mistakenly thinks that his parents have just bought him a new Chevy as a graduation present. The sheer excitement and over-enthusiasm makes for a great car ad—perhaps even one of the funniest Chevy commercials ever created.


A dog is a man’s best friend for life, right? Well, with a new Chevy parked in the garage, that canine of yours might have some stiff competition for “BFF.” Warning, you might want to have the tissues on standby while watching this one.

Find New Roads

In this deeply poignant tale told by Chevrolet, a father and his young son take away all their old belongings as they lovingly look at their house one last time. But how will they carry all their keepsakes, including a little rose patch planted by mom? The Chevy Silverado, always a trusted companion, comes to the rescue.

Fountain of Youth

Ever wanted to sip from the secret Fountain of Youth? Well, with the Chevrolet Camaro SS and its roaring engine, you will feel like a teen once again. And just like this older Chevy commercial, a ride in the new Camaro will turn back the sands of time in 2018. Embedding is restricted for this video, so here’s a link:

It Takes a Chevy

When this ad begins, we see a young, brawny cowboy sulking beside his car after being caught speeding. But how did the cop even catch up to his Chevy Corvette? Well, as the tagline goes: “it takes a Chevy to catch a Chevy!”

Vintage Cheyenne is Still Wicked

This old Chevrolet commercial shows you just how tough Chevy makes their trucks. Watch as a 187-ton log trailer is pulled around by the Cheyenne and its 350 V8 engine. Want a vehicle as burly as this rugged pickup? Although we probably don’t have a vintage Cheyenne in stock, our Overland Park used car lot has tons of pre-owned vehicles for sale.

A Boy and His Dog

Never give up looking for something that means a lot to you. In this touching car commercial, Chevrolet proves its case as brand that walks hand-in-hand with you, even through thick and thin.

End of the World

It is the end of the world; everything around appears barrens. What is the one thing that comes rising from the ashes, still fresh and intact? Of course, it is none other than your powerful, durable Chevrolet Silverado, ready to take on the apocalypse.


This commercial will remind all other drivers never to mess with a Chevy. Those who are hardcore fans of The Transformers will appreciate Bumblebee’s appearance in this car ad. Watch as the stunning yellow Chevy muscle car transforms into everyone’s favorite Autobot, ready to take on any mascot who gets in its way.

Glee Teams up with Chevy

Sing and dance with your favorite Glee members in this amazing 2011 Chevrolet commercial. How can you go wrong with a dance number and dream sequence?

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